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How to Make Money on Ebay Online Selling Cellphone Accessories

Have you ever wondered how you could make extra source of income selling online? Well, this will probably be the easiest way to get started… so please read on!

In 2014, the Mobile Accessory market exceeded $16.2 Billion! That’s a big cake! Even the smallest piece of that can make a big difference in your life.

Let me tell you, selling Cellphone accessories online is probably the easiest and fastest way to get started to make some extra cash. Why? Because it’s:

  • low investment
  • high profit and
  • absolutely negligible chances of failure

These accessories can be sold anywhere to anyone, since almost everyone has a Cellphone.

Making money online selling products is all about finding hot selling products, knowing where they are being sold, and taking that opportunity to get in that stream and grab your share.
I have sourced some great products with the lowest possible investment and good profit margins! Even after all the expenses, you will at-least make double your money if not triple, sounds awesome, right? Because it is!

So without wasting too much of your time, I will show you exactly which product to get started, where to buy and where to sell.

1) Wholesale LED Light up USB Charger cables! – Hot selling cables since last quarter of 2014

  • Profit
    margin – almost triple after all expenses!
  • Average
    selling price – $5.99 – $9.99

Where to sell – eBay – One of the sellers is making a killing with these cables!!


Where to buy –


How much? – $1.59 with Free Shipping!

Buy more, save more!! Get bulk discounts on large orders!How
to sell this item now on eBay.

Order these cables in wholesale. Open an eBay account, make a listing of this item – listing an item is FREE! (as of Feb 2015) eBay fees: you pay only after your item sells. 10% of the total selling price
PayPal fees – 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction
Shipping fees: $1.50 USPS first class mail (delivery within 3-4 days anywhere in USA)

Supplies – envelope – $0.30 + shipping label – $0.20 = $0.50
Sototal expenses: If you sell this item even at the lowest price – $5.99

eBay fees 10% -$0.60

Paypal fees 2.9% + $0.30 -$0.47

Shipping cost -$1.50

Shipping supplies -$0.50

Total Expenses -$3.07

Profit – $2.92 – cost price $1.49

Net Profit – $1.43

Congratulations! You just doubled your money!

Now imagine selling just 100 of these cables a month and you make $143/month of extra income!!

Now multiply this with 10 other hot selling products and you make $1430/month extra income!!

And you can keep adding more products and keep on making more money!!This is exactly how people make money online selling products! You don’t need to be a pro or a rocket scientist. You don’t need to buy those fake guides to riches or Ebooks to make millions of dollars online, or mentors monthly subscriptions, etc.. They all sell fake promises and not real information.

To start making money online, it just requires some research behind the hottest selling products, market trends, and good
supplier, and you can also build your online business empire!

Keep in mind; you don’t need to be sitting in
front of your computer all day. All you do is list a product once and it just
sells on eBay, you just have to process the orders once a day.

To help you sell more, we will be posting more
hot selling products here, subscribe to us now… we will post one hot selling item every week.

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