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Watch Out for These 3 Handy Smartphone Accessories at Wholesale Market

A fresh bunch of startups are focusing on mobile tech to build
innovative accessories for your smartphone. The next set of them is
all set to hit the market within a few months! Yes, you have all
reasons to be excited. But, don’t worry you won’t miss the chance to
be a proud owner of them this time around because they all are going
to be available for pre-order!

Strong Chargers: You must know that smartphones are power guzzlers and
most need to be charged at least once in a day. Now, tech-researchers
are working on a smartphone case that recycles radio frequency waves
and feeds it back into your smartphone battery. RE waves (similar to
3G, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi) transmit data through the air. You may not
believe that only a percentage of the device’s signal is utilized in
practice, while the rest is wasted. Those researchers became
successful to come up with a charger that could capture this wasted
signal and convert it into DC power that is fed into the phone’s
battery. Once, they are launched, they will be available first at the
wholesale market. Their prices would be much lesser at this market
than retail market.

Protective Casing: Think of a smartphone casing on steroids. This
comes with a 100Ah battery for extra juice, while its modular design
allows you and add features to your device. Users can use such casings
to add extra buttons to directly access apps or to trigger your
camera. They can also use the LED module if they want a flashlight and
the SD card reader module for expandable memory. Users can thus
personalize their phone.


Earbuds: Earphones are available on market at numerous variety. From
wired types to Bluetooth types, their variety includes acres of
enormousness. This often leads to confusion in buyers, triggering
series of wrong selection of this mobile accessory type. Now, an
earbud is coming that will be invisible yet their sound quality will
be much better. And, performance? That will also be of greater
standard. Try to purchase them from wholesale earbuds market.

Purchasing cell phone accessories from online stores is a good
decision. If you are ready to purchase cell phone accessories, you
would better start shopping them from an online store. First of all,
prices will be much cheaper. Secondly, the latest product types tend
to be available first online and then, they come at your retail

Online stores bring along on their stores all the latest products. So,
it is most likely you will get by all the latest products online.
Choose your product from their large catalogue of items provided by
sellers worldwide.

Shopping online is easy to get started. So is shopping all kinds of
accessories from online wholesale market. There pricing is
competitive, so chances are you get them at much more competitive
rates that you are unlikely to get by at any local store. Take prices
of wholesale earphones at the web market. The prices are amazingly
lower which you might never have thought of. So, keep your notice on
the upcoming mobile phone accessories lineup and be first to buy the
accessory being just launched.

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